Water Heaters

It is important that a water heater, particularly a combustion type, be properly installed to avoid safety hazards. The area around it must be kept clear. The T&P (Temperature and Pressure) relief valve should be tested at least yearly. Sediment that accumulates in the bottom of the tank should be drained out at least yearly, to maintain heating efficiency and to make the tank last longer.

Fixture Change Outs

Whether you have an old worn out faucet that needs replacing, or you want to change the entire look of a bathroom or kitchen, changing the fixtures is a relatively inexpensive way to get big results fast. Its always a good idea to at least ask the service technician how much it costs to change a broken faucet instead of repairing it. Sometimes the repair parts can be so costly and hard to find, it’s actually much cheaper to just replace it.

Sump & Ejector Pumps

So many flooded basements can be prevented if more homeowners actually tested their sump pumps as recommended. In the middle of a storm at two o’clock in the morning is the wrong time to find out your pump isn’t working. They should be tested  at least once a year, usually when the snow starts to melt and before the spring rain starts to fall.

If your unsure how to test your pump, feel free to call or E-mail.

Video Camera Inspections

If there’s question that you may have a broken drainage line underground, utilizing the video camera is the way to go. The camera is the quickest way to find the problem, not to mention way more cost effective than breaking up your concrete floor or digging up your front yard. Used in conjunction with the sensor and locator, underground drainage lines can be located to within inches. VHS tapes or DVD’s can also be made of any camera work for future documentation.

Water & Drain Line Repairs

It happens to everyone. Sooner or later You’ll need a water or drain line repaired. A little known fact is that a lot of the liquid drain cleaners on the market today can do more harm than good to your  drain lines. As a rule, if you live in an older home, you should stay away from the liquid cleaners altogether. Also, if you’ve had water lines freeze and break in the past, leave that faucet turned on slightly on those really cold days.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Whether it’s a small inside drain, or the main sewer outside, sooner or later your likely to have a blockage. My best advice is to know the price up front. Make sure your not paying an hourly rate and taking the chance of having someone show up to perform the work that may be a little less than qualified to handle the job in a timely manner.


A lot of the houses in this area still have galvanized water lines. Eventually, they always clog up with sediment and sooner or later you’ll start to notice some poor water volume and pressure. The only way to repair the problem is to remove the galvanized lines completely. Copper, cpvc, and pex water piping are all available options for replacement. Most of the time, we can do a complete water line replacement job in a single day, minimizing the time your without water.

Water Softener Replacements

There’s a million different water softener manufacturers out there today. The biggest concern when installing new, or replacing an old one is the flow rate. The softener has to be capable of providing you with the volume of water you need, when you need it. Professional installation is highly recommended especially when it comes to the initial “charging” and set-up of the control itself. A mistake at this step could render your brand new water softener useless.

Battery Back-Up Pumps

If you have a finished basement, a battery back-up sump pump is highly recommended. Without one, your helpless if your power goes out in the middle of a storm. It wont take long for your drain tile and sump pit to become overwhelmed with water. They also provide an extra level of security should your normal sump pump fail. Flow rate, battery life, warranty, and proper installation are all things to consider when deciding on a battery back up system. Feel free to call the office or E-mail with any questions.

Flooded Basements Pumped

Sometimes the “worst case scenario” happens and your left with water in your basement. We have several large gas powered pumps here at the ready. The quicker you can get rid of the water, the better chance you stand at salvaging your things.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

Whether your looking to do a basic upgrade, or go all out, we can help you every step of the way. From layout and design, to fixture selection and installation you’ll have all the personal attention and information you  need to make informed choices. All pricing is straight forward and up-front to avoid the “hidden charges”.

Call or E-mail to set up an appointment today.

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